Highly aggressive insectoid race. A Tanvu looks like a ten-legged mantis. It

can use up to six of its forelegs as arms; each is fully manipulative. They are usually a
glossy black in color.

While they stop shy of overt aggression, many of their ships have “gone rogue”, and conduct raids on targets of opportunity. Fighting them is difficult as they’re slightly armored by nature and quite difficult to put down. Unfortunately, mercy isn’t something they’re known for. Fortunately, that extends to themselves as well, with failure often being punished by limb amputation. Not that this is much of a bother, since they can regenerate lost limbs.

In space, their ships are spindly and agile. They rely on this maneuverability for defense as their ships have few other defenses. Their ships use some kind of powerful beam weapons, possibly a form of particle cannon.


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