Gateway Station

Gateway station

Gateway station lies just outside the Gate in the Dante sector. It’s proper name is Zhadao Station, but only shareholders of Sendai corp refer to it by that name.

Gateway rings

The station utilizes spin for gravity as a cost saving measure. Each ring has a different purpose, with the largest being the habitation ring.

Gateway residential ring

The habitation ring is broken down into 6 sectors organized by color, with each colored section being divided into 2 sub-sectors. Addresses on the station usually refer to one of these 12 sub-sectors.

  • Red
    • Main Admin and Bridge
  • Orange
    • Parks, Shopping, and Engineering
  • Yellow
    • Residential
  • Green
    • Park, Spa, Engineering
  • Blue
    • Commercial and Tourist
  • Violet
    • Unused Area, Detention Center

Gateway Station

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