Character Creation

The Basics

I’ve listed some “team slots” below, but they’re not mandatory. As long as all the functions are covered, you’re free to play pretty much whatever you like (pending approval). I do want all characters to have at least basic weapons training (one or two levels in a weapon skill).

I’d also like each character to have some sort of reason that they’re not actively out being the best at whatever it is they’re the best at. For example, the medic was stripped of his license for drinking, or the pilot was drummed out of the service for an unfortunate incident while “Buzzing the Tower”.

If you didn’t see it mentioned before, I’ll mention it again. I expect this game to be fairly deadly (if you actually get into a fight). Unless you’re wearing full combat armor, don’t expect to be hit by any modern weapon and not feel it. I expect the medic to be good, but if the rest of the team are sneezing out bits of your grey matter for the next week, there won’t be much for him to do.

That being said, it’s not all bad.

  • First, as heroes, you’re going to be better than most NPCs. However, that still leaves you at the mercy of the dice gods, and as we all know, they’re not especially known for being kind (unless you’re Ian).
  • Second, you will have access to top quality gear. However, that’s top quality human gear, so most known alien races will be ahead of you on the curve.
  • Third, there are a few optional rules for keeping things under control, and I’m going to try using most of them to start with. Keep in mind, I reserve the right to phase them out if I find things are too easy. If nothing else, consider any of these options as “training wheels”, subject to falling off with little notice.
  • Fourth, there are several Advantages1 that promote survivability. I’ll point these out when we’re working on characters

Skill Levels

7 or less Unskilled (default users)
8-9 Feeble (beginners, humorous bumblers)
10-11 Average (most non-job skills for ordinary folks)
12-13 Competent (most job skills for ordinary folks)
14-16 Exceptional (the most seasoned of ordinary folks)
17-19 Heroic (extraordinary world-class experts)
20-21 Larger-than-Life (top experts from all of history)
22-23 Legendary (“typical” mythic figures)
24-26 Superhuman (outstanding mythic figures)
27 or more Godlike (greatest mythic figures, gods, etc.)

Team Slots

Take this as a kind of guide for possible characters. It’d be a good idea for the team to have most of these covered, but that’s up to you guys. The nice thing about Gurps is that since it’s skill based, it’s possible to have cross-training.

One caveat regarding cross-training is no stepping on toes. For example, even though everyone should have some sort of basic weapons training, no one should be better in a fight than the Marine. No one should fly better than the Pilot. You get the idea.

If someone wants to play something not on the list, let me know and make a case for it.

1 Advantages are character perks in Gurps, kind of like Merits in White Wolf

Character Creation

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