Unknown Dark

The Current Conclusion

Back on the station we go over the data with Mike. He says that if nothing else, we will have a much greater understanding of D-space between the planet and the trip we had into Deeper D-space. Mike sent another ship to go pick up our scientist for the planet, mostly because he thought we were dead. We drop off our prisoner to sector capital and bring him to Bubba to give him a once over. Bubba tells us that rewriting a sentient creature is an abomination. He looks in to his mind and tells us that large portions of his personality have been replaced. Whoever did so was powerful but lacked finesse. Unfortunately who he once was is gone, but he can still remove the alterations. He can fix him so that he is functional but won’t remember what happened in the past month. He tells us that the tampering was done by machine not through natural psionics, and were good at covering their tracks. He saw a few shadowy traces of the alien race responsible, bipedal, several arms, cold emotional race. He gives us a drawing of them so we can track them down eventually. We thank Bubba and send the XO into military hands while giving them the story and give testimony on his behalf.

Bubba asks if he had something to do on Corbin’s behalf, and he reminds Bubba about the help he wanted with his “Future self” and learning how to enhance his potential in combat with his latent psionic abilities. Bubba says he will try what he can, but he was planning on leaving and resuming his travels soon. Corbin offers to give him a ride wherever he is going. Bubba tries to do what he can and Corbin goes on this sorta mind trip and can now take psionic talents but Bubba also realizes that the Future self was trying to tell him not to do exactly what he just did and then the “voice” shuts off.

We go grab the research away team and deliver them and the scientist to the planet and pick up our crew. But the planet is gone when we arrive, Corbin scans the area and gets a sensor shadow of the same type of energy that we had sensed in D-Space. He also picks up another signal in the area which is very stealthed which we head off to investigate. The signal is not of a registry that we are familiar with. We pick up the signal again but it is moving rapidly away and throwing up more ECM. It is highly advanced and quite quick. We try to keep up but it is faster than us and when we get to the edge of the system it jumps out. We got some good reads on it and will have a better chance of finding it again. We head back to the station and fill Mike in on what happened.

Corbin and Pierce spend some time investigating the Cult to find the leaders and recognize them more often. We do our legwork and find out that most of the people involved in the cult are dead mysteriously from accidents and dissapearances. The killer was sloppy though and only killed the first level of the cult. We gain some more information from talking to the next layer and gives us a lead to track down more info about the leader. We follow our leads and find out that the leader was working for an alien race. We draw him out and set a trap for him and capture him and we unmask him. It turns out he is a copy of Pierce Virtue, we interrogate him for information about his doings. His bosses are the aliens that reprogrammed the XO. They actually created him and Pierce and are trying to detonate the gate with antimatter. We decide to get him reprogrammed and give him to Mike for info and to put on a team to aid humanity. He was jumping into Dspace anytime he was walking through walls, basically a portable ddrive. Plus his other items which we give to Alex to figure out how to replicate.

Alex asks to expand his knowledge about his glove, but the only thing nearby is the Gate. Corbin says no, not until we find out more. So they keep an ear out for more info about Precursor tech and artifacts.


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