Unknown Dark

Strange Destinations

Corbin brings it just past the safety threshold of the radiation and then punches it into D-space. There is a strange shudder while we jump, but we make it in to D-space. Pierce spends the next few days training, Alex is tinkering, Doc is working on combat drugs, and Corbin goes to talk to Becky to see about getting some information. Corbin finds Becky looking haggard and she says she feels itchy and weird. Corbin says maybe he can help take her mind off of it with a little work and describes what he wants her to look for in the chief engineer and the XO. He takes her down to Medical to take a look at the chief engineer who is sedated to make it a little easier on Becky. She walks up to him and starts peering into his mind.

Becky says someone has definitely been in there and it has hard edges like a machine or something did this to him. He has some sort of orders implanted she will try to turn them off but if not then she can at least tell us what not to say. She turns off the active orders but says there are more and gives us the phrase words that activate them. She says she feels a little worse afterwards so Corbin takes her to the galley to get her some ice cream because that makes everything better.

He sends her back to her room to relax and sleep. The next morning the D drive kicks off but we are not in real space. It looks like we are not in D-space either, the background isn’t black but has a light shimmer with slightly larger specks like we are in some sort of dust cloud which shouldn’t be. Corbin orders active sensors on but gets a lot of interference most likely from the dust cloud. There is also a large structure, ring shaped, that is around us… it is a jump gate but it is black instead of white and the specks are derelict ships. Corbin orders a sustained sensor sweep to get a detailed picture, and comms to hail the other ships to see if there is any reaction. No luck is had with the communications so he has Chip start up the engines on the shuttle to see if they work since the ships engines are providing no thrust. Alex does a psychic reading on the ship to see if he can get anything and he feels a familiar presence of the darkness that he felt on the Kronin ship. He feels the same presence but with more of a Hunger.

Corbin tells Becky to go ahead and not use her powers other than some sort of wall to block out what she can. We decide to go ahead and board some of the other ships to look for survivors or ideas on how to get out. Corbin, Alex, Pierce, Kristine are the boarding party, Chip will pilot the shuttle and Richard (one of the few personnel on board with advanced military training) to guard the ship while we are on other ships. We exit the ship and the engines stop providing thrust. We drift to the end of the tether that Corbin had set up and come to a stop. Alex tries to talk to the computer and see if he has some way to get us moving but can’t get anything. Corbin has them reeled back in and they can try to figure out what is going on here. We figure we are inside some sub level of D-space so the d-drive may be the way to move around here. Alex starts on work to utilize the d-drive at a lower setting to use as regular movement.

Kristine lets Corbin know that the XO we have is fully healed from his injuries much like Pierce would be. After testing she tells him that the process is very similar. Corbin has pierce go down to the brig to talk to the XO and see if he is better or not and to ask him about his arm. Pierce goes down and starts to talk to Lt. Mason the XO to find out if he is safe or not. After some talking Pierce realizes that the XO is lying and trying to get out. Their conversation leads to the realization that the XO is working for whatever corp created them both and that the destruction of the station wasn’t the real objective. After much talking Pierce leaves and sets things up to annoy the XO and create minimal psychological torture. Alex finishes the rework on the D-drive and Corbin starts it up.


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