Unknown Dark

Close Escape

As we prepare to start engines and move toward the other ships, Medical calls and lets Corbin know that the Doctor has collapsed. When Corbin reaches the medical quarters he finds out that the doctor has collapsed because she had cybernetic implants that seem to have stopped working due to the problems we have encountered in D-Space (this of course means that the engineer’s attachment doesn’t work either). Corbin asks her to bring up a list of personnel that have medical experience. He asks Ensign Brad to meet him in the ready room to discuss his promotion to team member. Corbin explains the situation and asks Brad to step up to away mission status and Brad accepts and heads to the galley since Brad likes food. Corbin calls in Pierce and tells him that the doctor has a replacement for the time being on away missions. Pierce asks about the new addition and Corbin tells him that the new member is in the galley (no mention of gender mentioned). Pierce heads to the galley and starts hitting on two female crewmembers not knowing that the new person is Brad.

Pierce is trying his best to talk his way in with the new member meanwhile Corbin is recording the proceedings on the security cameras. Pierce starts asking which one of them got the promotion, but seems to have not gotten the idea that neither of them is the new member. After talking for a bit he realizes that one of the girls is obviously not medically trained and is an engineer. Not that it stops him from being Pierce. Pierce comes back to ask what is going on and Corbin lets him know that it is Brad. His homophobia goes off and is hilarious.

Corbin heads back to the bridge and starts moving toward the closest ship, a terran vessel. The handling on the ship is odd and the dust permeating the area gives off a lot of interference. We pull up alongside and dock with the terran vessel. As we try to dock, the other ship’s docking port shatters. We suit up and eva to the other ship. Alex fiddles with it and gets the manual release to open and we enter the ship. The ship is in no known design to Corbin but does have an experimental designation. We advance in and start looking around in the darkness. We find ourselves in a cargo bay and Corbin finds the evacuation plans to get the layout of the ship. Meanwhile Brad starts checking out the freight in the bay but doesn’t figure out what it is without opening them. We head to engineering to get power up on the ship, but as we turn the corner we find the walls covered in blood and bodies just like we found on the Kronin ship. They have started to decompose but the process is stopped somehow, seemingly from the vacuum of space since there is no atmosphere. We make it to engineering and the engineer starts drooling over the antimatter plant engine but the fuel seems to have gone inert. We leave there after finding no power and head to the main computer room. Corbin has Brad pull the computer drives so we can find out what happened. Corbin then gets Alex to send a message that if there are any survivors meet in the cargo bay. We head back to the cargo bay and wait while Brad and Pierce check what the contents are. Mostly just supplies but we will be in need of them. Brad runs a sample and doesn’t find anything but we grab a few crates of food and spares and stick them in quarantine.

As we come back Alex seems to keep looking back like he hears something and Corbin gets Becky to meet us in medical so she can take a look at Alex. She says Alex seems to be different than before like he has been run ragged. Corbin then takes Becky for Ice cream again to make her feel better.

Brad heads off to get the info off the drives to find out what happened and get the schematics. It was an experimental ship with a new D-Drive on its maiden voyage that went where we are but never went back. The drives eventually stopped working after a week or so and people started to lose themselves and turn violent after awhile. They figured out a way back possibly, but it was too late to try by then, you would need a substantial amount of power at one big burst. Alex starts to work on ways to get the amount of energy we will need and we head on over to the next ship, a Kronin ship.

On the way the head nurse reports that some crew members are starting to report signs of paranoia and Corbin orders mild sedation for those people. We make it over to the ship but see pieces falling off. It is an older model warship, standard to what terrans have seen for the most part. We pull up and dock and start our eva run again. This time Alex has to use the torch to open the doors. Corbin puts forth a theory about the dust here being the remains of the derelict ships interacting with the still powered gate making things corrode and giving off the psychic paranoia. We get through the doors and find ourselves in a quarantine room. We head up to the bridge and encounter all the same signs as before only more desiccated since this ship is open to the dust. We make it to the bridge and pick around until we find the main computer and pull out the drives, we also find the security drives and grab them too. We head to the armoury on the way to the engine room and grab some of the heavier weaponry that is still around and head to the engine room. We take a look and Alex sees what is salvageable and useable for providing more power for us to get through D-Space. Brad starts wondering where the computer room is and wanders off to find it and Corbin sends Pierce after him. Corbin starts to feel the paranoia kicking in but says nothing. Brad and Pierce find the computer room and Brad starts to see if anything here is salvageable and finds a few data cores that seem like they may still work. The four of them work their ways back to the entrance and go back on ship.

Alex gives us two options to get back a slow and safer method or a quick and dirty method. The quick and dirty method is setting off a warhead on another ship and harnessing the energy to jump while the slow method is to up power but will take a day or so. After finding out that the rate of paranoia is increasing Corbin decides that we will have to take the quick route out. Alex takes about ten hours to set up and Corbin declares battlestations and yellow alert. We strap in and punch it. We see the experimental ship vanish in a giant white fireball that comes out to envelope us but we ride it out into gateway station, in fact quite close to the gate. We make it back with minor structural hull damage and head back to station. Corbin gets a call on his comm that says to scan the gate, which he does since we are here. Normally we don’t get readings, but we get readings this time and Corbin has them continue and record as long as we are in range. Mike calls and I give him a basic rundown and promise a full report as soon as we get to station.


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