Unknown Dark

The Current Conclusion

Back on the station we go over the data with Mike. He says that if nothing else, we will have a much greater understanding of D-space between the planet and the trip we had into Deeper D-space. Mike sent another ship to go pick up our scientist for the planet, mostly because he thought we were dead. We drop off our prisoner to sector capital and bring him to Bubba to give him a once over. Bubba tells us that rewriting a sentient creature is an abomination. He looks in to his mind and tells us that large portions of his personality have been replaced. Whoever did so was powerful but lacked finesse. Unfortunately who he once was is gone, but he can still remove the alterations. He can fix him so that he is functional but won’t remember what happened in the past month. He tells us that the tampering was done by machine not through natural psionics, and were good at covering their tracks. He saw a few shadowy traces of the alien race responsible, bipedal, several arms, cold emotional race. He gives us a drawing of them so we can track them down eventually. We thank Bubba and send the XO into military hands while giving them the story and give testimony on his behalf.

Bubba asks if he had something to do on Corbin’s behalf, and he reminds Bubba about the help he wanted with his “Future self” and learning how to enhance his potential in combat with his latent psionic abilities. Bubba says he will try what he can, but he was planning on leaving and resuming his travels soon. Corbin offers to give him a ride wherever he is going. Bubba tries to do what he can and Corbin goes on this sorta mind trip and can now take psionic talents but Bubba also realizes that the Future self was trying to tell him not to do exactly what he just did and then the “voice” shuts off.

We go grab the research away team and deliver them and the scientist to the planet and pick up our crew. But the planet is gone when we arrive, Corbin scans the area and gets a sensor shadow of the same type of energy that we had sensed in D-Space. He also picks up another signal in the area which is very stealthed which we head off to investigate. The signal is not of a registry that we are familiar with. We pick up the signal again but it is moving rapidly away and throwing up more ECM. It is highly advanced and quite quick. We try to keep up but it is faster than us and when we get to the edge of the system it jumps out. We got some good reads on it and will have a better chance of finding it again. We head back to the station and fill Mike in on what happened.

Corbin and Pierce spend some time investigating the Cult to find the leaders and recognize them more often. We do our legwork and find out that most of the people involved in the cult are dead mysteriously from accidents and dissapearances. The killer was sloppy though and only killed the first level of the cult. We gain some more information from talking to the next layer and gives us a lead to track down more info about the leader. We follow our leads and find out that the leader was working for an alien race. We draw him out and set a trap for him and capture him and we unmask him. It turns out he is a copy of Pierce Virtue, we interrogate him for information about his doings. His bosses are the aliens that reprogrammed the XO. They actually created him and Pierce and are trying to detonate the gate with antimatter. We decide to get him reprogrammed and give him to Mike for info and to put on a team to aid humanity. He was jumping into Dspace anytime he was walking through walls, basically a portable ddrive. Plus his other items which we give to Alex to figure out how to replicate.

Alex asks to expand his knowledge about his glove, but the only thing nearby is the Gate. Corbin says no, not until we find out more. So they keep an ear out for more info about Precursor tech and artifacts.

Close Escape

As we prepare to start engines and move toward the other ships, Medical calls and lets Corbin know that the Doctor has collapsed. When Corbin reaches the medical quarters he finds out that the doctor has collapsed because she had cybernetic implants that seem to have stopped working due to the problems we have encountered in D-Space (this of course means that the engineer’s attachment doesn’t work either). Corbin asks her to bring up a list of personnel that have medical experience. He asks Ensign Brad to meet him in the ready room to discuss his promotion to team member. Corbin explains the situation and asks Brad to step up to away mission status and Brad accepts and heads to the galley since Brad likes food. Corbin calls in Pierce and tells him that the doctor has a replacement for the time being on away missions. Pierce asks about the new addition and Corbin tells him that the new member is in the galley (no mention of gender mentioned). Pierce heads to the galley and starts hitting on two female crewmembers not knowing that the new person is Brad.

Pierce is trying his best to talk his way in with the new member meanwhile Corbin is recording the proceedings on the security cameras. Pierce starts asking which one of them got the promotion, but seems to have not gotten the idea that neither of them is the new member. After talking for a bit he realizes that one of the girls is obviously not medically trained and is an engineer. Not that it stops him from being Pierce. Pierce comes back to ask what is going on and Corbin lets him know that it is Brad. His homophobia goes off and is hilarious.

Corbin heads back to the bridge and starts moving toward the closest ship, a terran vessel. The handling on the ship is odd and the dust permeating the area gives off a lot of interference. We pull up alongside and dock with the terran vessel. As we try to dock, the other ship’s docking port shatters. We suit up and eva to the other ship. Alex fiddles with it and gets the manual release to open and we enter the ship. The ship is in no known design to Corbin but does have an experimental designation. We advance in and start looking around in the darkness. We find ourselves in a cargo bay and Corbin finds the evacuation plans to get the layout of the ship. Meanwhile Brad starts checking out the freight in the bay but doesn’t figure out what it is without opening them. We head to engineering to get power up on the ship, but as we turn the corner we find the walls covered in blood and bodies just like we found on the Kronin ship. They have started to decompose but the process is stopped somehow, seemingly from the vacuum of space since there is no atmosphere. We make it to engineering and the engineer starts drooling over the antimatter plant engine but the fuel seems to have gone inert. We leave there after finding no power and head to the main computer room. Corbin has Brad pull the computer drives so we can find out what happened. Corbin then gets Alex to send a message that if there are any survivors meet in the cargo bay. We head back to the cargo bay and wait while Brad and Pierce check what the contents are. Mostly just supplies but we will be in need of them. Brad runs a sample and doesn’t find anything but we grab a few crates of food and spares and stick them in quarantine.

As we come back Alex seems to keep looking back like he hears something and Corbin gets Becky to meet us in medical so she can take a look at Alex. She says Alex seems to be different than before like he has been run ragged. Corbin then takes Becky for Ice cream again to make her feel better.

Brad heads off to get the info off the drives to find out what happened and get the schematics. It was an experimental ship with a new D-Drive on its maiden voyage that went where we are but never went back. The drives eventually stopped working after a week or so and people started to lose themselves and turn violent after awhile. They figured out a way back possibly, but it was too late to try by then, you would need a substantial amount of power at one big burst. Alex starts to work on ways to get the amount of energy we will need and we head on over to the next ship, a Kronin ship.

On the way the head nurse reports that some crew members are starting to report signs of paranoia and Corbin orders mild sedation for those people. We make it over to the ship but see pieces falling off. It is an older model warship, standard to what terrans have seen for the most part. We pull up and dock and start our eva run again. This time Alex has to use the torch to open the doors. Corbin puts forth a theory about the dust here being the remains of the derelict ships interacting with the still powered gate making things corrode and giving off the psychic paranoia. We get through the doors and find ourselves in a quarantine room. We head up to the bridge and encounter all the same signs as before only more desiccated since this ship is open to the dust. We make it to the bridge and pick around until we find the main computer and pull out the drives, we also find the security drives and grab them too. We head to the armoury on the way to the engine room and grab some of the heavier weaponry that is still around and head to the engine room. We take a look and Alex sees what is salvageable and useable for providing more power for us to get through D-Space. Brad starts wondering where the computer room is and wanders off to find it and Corbin sends Pierce after him. Corbin starts to feel the paranoia kicking in but says nothing. Brad and Pierce find the computer room and Brad starts to see if anything here is salvageable and finds a few data cores that seem like they may still work. The four of them work their ways back to the entrance and go back on ship.

Alex gives us two options to get back a slow and safer method or a quick and dirty method. The quick and dirty method is setting off a warhead on another ship and harnessing the energy to jump while the slow method is to up power but will take a day or so. After finding out that the rate of paranoia is increasing Corbin decides that we will have to take the quick route out. Alex takes about ten hours to set up and Corbin declares battlestations and yellow alert. We strap in and punch it. We see the experimental ship vanish in a giant white fireball that comes out to envelope us but we ride it out into gateway station, in fact quite close to the gate. We make it back with minor structural hull damage and head back to station. Corbin gets a call on his comm that says to scan the gate, which he does since we are here. Normally we don’t get readings, but we get readings this time and Corbin has them continue and record as long as we are in range. Mike calls and I give him a basic rundown and promise a full report as soon as we get to station.

Strange Destinations

Corbin brings it just past the safety threshold of the radiation and then punches it into D-space. There is a strange shudder while we jump, but we make it in to D-space. Pierce spends the next few days training, Alex is tinkering, Doc is working on combat drugs, and Corbin goes to talk to Becky to see about getting some information. Corbin finds Becky looking haggard and she says she feels itchy and weird. Corbin says maybe he can help take her mind off of it with a little work and describes what he wants her to look for in the chief engineer and the XO. He takes her down to Medical to take a look at the chief engineer who is sedated to make it a little easier on Becky. She walks up to him and starts peering into his mind.

Becky says someone has definitely been in there and it has hard edges like a machine or something did this to him. He has some sort of orders implanted she will try to turn them off but if not then she can at least tell us what not to say. She turns off the active orders but says there are more and gives us the phrase words that activate them. She says she feels a little worse afterwards so Corbin takes her to the galley to get her some ice cream because that makes everything better.

He sends her back to her room to relax and sleep. The next morning the D drive kicks off but we are not in real space. It looks like we are not in D-space either, the background isn’t black but has a light shimmer with slightly larger specks like we are in some sort of dust cloud which shouldn’t be. Corbin orders active sensors on but gets a lot of interference most likely from the dust cloud. There is also a large structure, ring shaped, that is around us… it is a jump gate but it is black instead of white and the specks are derelict ships. Corbin orders a sustained sensor sweep to get a detailed picture, and comms to hail the other ships to see if there is any reaction. No luck is had with the communications so he has Chip start up the engines on the shuttle to see if they work since the ships engines are providing no thrust. Alex does a psychic reading on the ship to see if he can get anything and he feels a familiar presence of the darkness that he felt on the Kronin ship. He feels the same presence but with more of a Hunger.

Corbin tells Becky to go ahead and not use her powers other than some sort of wall to block out what she can. We decide to go ahead and board some of the other ships to look for survivors or ideas on how to get out. Corbin, Alex, Pierce, Kristine are the boarding party, Chip will pilot the shuttle and Richard (one of the few personnel on board with advanced military training) to guard the ship while we are on other ships. We exit the ship and the engines stop providing thrust. We drift to the end of the tether that Corbin had set up and come to a stop. Alex tries to talk to the computer and see if he has some way to get us moving but can’t get anything. Corbin has them reeled back in and they can try to figure out what is going on here. We figure we are inside some sub level of D-space so the d-drive may be the way to move around here. Alex starts on work to utilize the d-drive at a lower setting to use as regular movement.

Kristine lets Corbin know that the XO we have is fully healed from his injuries much like Pierce would be. After testing she tells him that the process is very similar. Corbin has pierce go down to the brig to talk to the XO and see if he is better or not and to ask him about his arm. Pierce goes down and starts to talk to Lt. Mason the XO to find out if he is safe or not. After some talking Pierce realizes that the XO is lying and trying to get out. Their conversation leads to the realization that the XO is working for whatever corp created them both and that the destruction of the station wasn’t the real objective. After much talking Pierce leaves and sets things up to annoy the XO and create minimal psychological torture. Alex finishes the rework on the D-drive and Corbin starts it up.

Anti-matter Blues

The Engineer, “The door is locked and someone is pumping something in.” Pierce calls Corbin and lets him know whats going on. Corbin has the XO bring up the controls but they are locked. Corbin heads down to the conference room to open the door for them. Over the intercom in the conference room Pierce hears “Initiate Operation Platypus” and the engineers face goes slack and starts to turn toward Pierce. The engineer starts crazily swinging at Pierce who dodges out the way and then trips the engineer and tries to get him in a submission hold. The engineer starts kicking wildly but is still being held by Pierce and then brings it in for the hold but can’t seem to get the engineer into the hold. They mostly end up rolling around on the floor with the engineer trying to kick Pierce in the face and Pierce trying to hold him still.

Corbin gets there and sees Pierce having his sissy fight with the engineer through the little window. He pulls his baton and starts slamming it against the window to break it open while Pierce still struggles and tries to use the table and chairs in the room to fend off the engineer. Corbin finally smashes the window open to give Pierce some fresh air. Corbin breaks the glass out and Pierce tries to jump through the opening but the engineer grabs him and pulls him back before Corbin can get a good hold. The engineer tosses Pierce on the floor. Corbin tells Pierce to touch the door, which he does, and Corbin slams his shock glove against the door shocking them both causing the engineer to let go. Pierce jumps up and squeezes his way through the window again. Corbin asks Pierce what happened. Pierce sums up the events but can’t remember recognizing the voice on the intercom. The engineer starts to get up but Corbin grabs him by the hair and zots him into unconsciousness.

Corbin calls Alex and Kristine and tells them they need to get back to the station now. Kristine finishes with her last patient and she and Alex head back to the station. Corbin and Pierce head to the bridge and find the panels smashed and the captain dead in a huge pool of blood. She appeared to have been shot and with a surprised look on her face. Corbin and Pierce try to patch into the comm system and Pierce gets us in to the system and announces that there is a murderer on board and to trust no one. Pierce and Corbin head to the docking bay first. They meet Alex and Kristine and lock down the controls and Alex removes the panel to keep anyone from utilizing the system.

They then head to the antimatter production site to see if they can find the XO. We arrive and see the door to the facility shut and the three assistant engineers trying to get in. Corbin finds out that the XO locked himself inside and that there is another way in through the service tunnels. Alex says he can cut through and Corbin gets the engineers to find out what the XO is doing in the facility. They come back to say that the facility is pouring out antimatter at an elevated rate and the only way to turn it off is from inside. Alex focuses his concentration and his cutting torch cuts through the door in seconds. Corbin dives through right as it falls and gunshots fire at the same time. Corbin runs straight at the XO, Pierce fans out to the right, Alex to the left and Kristine stays in cover to clean up the blood. The XO gets a few wild shots off, one of which hits Corbin in the chest but he keeps on running up and hits the XO with a diving tackle. Pierce grabs the arm with the gun and Alex hits him in the head and yells confusion, utilizing his Psy powers to confuse and subdue the XO. The XO is stunned so Pierce takes the gun and Corbin flips him over and restrains him. The engineers come running in to stop the system from running but they have no idea what it is doing or how. Alex takes a look but doesn’t seem to be able to find anything, even Pierce takes a look but they can’t figure out anything. Alex tries one of his psy powers to communicate with the computer but this system is obviously alien tech and beyond anything he has used his powers on so far. He tries to get the info from the system but that will take some time. Meanwhile Corbin fires the Maneuvering Jets to get behind the Shield Ship to give us a few more minutes to smash the solar panels to slow and stop the production of the antimatter. Corbin and Pierce grab the vacc suits and ablative foam and head outside to smash the panels.

Kristine gets him awake and gives him some sort of mocked up truth serum. Alex starts to question him about how he set it up but he says he just knows how to start it up and that it was hard wired into the system. He asks who the guy was working for and he starts telling with grimaces the “Markan”. Alex starts thinking about the problem and realizes that we only have a few options and Corbin gets the idea after looking at the blueprints to hit the trunk of the branching solar panels with a blast from the ships laser. We get everyone on board and Corbin preps the ship for a cold jump if this fails. We start maneuvers to get in position. Corbin plots his firing solution and fires two missiles, one to make a hole and the other to hit the trunk of the solar panels to stop the antimatter production. The missiles hit as expected and the panels break free. The running lights on the station flicker but do not go out. Corbin gets the people from the shield ship to start ferrying over and gets Ensign Cruthers, the resident computer guy, to get into the station systems to see how much time till the station blows. He says that after the blast there was a feedback loop and he doesn’t know, but he can give us a few seconds of leeway. The shield ship personnel make it on board and Corbin punches it out to the furthest point where we can still operate before the radiation becomes lethal and does a cold jump hopefully to Gateway Station…


The team decides that handling the antimatter issue is probably of more immediate threat. We take a little time to gather supplies and then we head out to Vima station, the location of the antimatter factory. Mike tells us that it is officially only a research station researching a Trinary system. The antimatter factory is top secret but we ask Mike for some credentials to make it easier to work our way into the factory. We decide to grab some outfits for our cover and go with strictly melee weaponry. Mike lets us know that since the station is very close to the trinary stars there will be a shuttle to bring us in that will shield us from the radiation. We gather our supplies and then head out.

Three days later we arrive (after spending the time training and upgrading). We are hailed as soon as we arrive and introduce us as the oversite committee from the Confederacy for a surprise inspection. They ask us to send our credentials so they can confirm. They come back and give us our course settings and we head in to dock following the shield ship. We dock, head to the airlock, and enter the station loading area. We meet with the Station Commander Steele and the welcoming committee, including an armed escort. We introduce ourselves and begin our tour of the station starting with the deplorable condition of the female quarters of course since Pierce is in charge. Pierce talks to the commander alone to let him know that we are searching the station for records of the antimatter. Pierce has his fun and we head to antimatter containment and ask to look around and see the records of all transfers and moves. We cross check it versus the amount in the container and it matches up. Corbin takes a recording of the serial numbers of the ships that do the transfers of the antimatter.

The system is mostly automated but there are a chief engineer and his assistants who we meet in conference room b with their personnel files which seem to check out with no glaring problems. Michael Tran, Chief Engineer, and his assistants meet us in the conference room where Pierce questions them one at a time. Dr. Tran meets us and seems very agitated. Pierce starts questioning him and making him feel more at home. We find the list of everyone who has access to the machinery (Includes the captain, the xo Lt. Mason, the three assistants and the chief engineer) and Alex goes to check out the computer. Corbin asks how often the machinery is calibrated (weekly) and where those logs are. Everything seems to match up and Corbin asks how often the numbers are matched to see if there is a change somewhere (he forwards the information). Meanwhile Alex takes one of the engineers and heads to the engineering section to check on the computers and the machinery. He talks to the engineer and gets a feel for how things work and tells the engineer to return to the conference room. As the engineer leaves he kind of glances at the side of the room. Alex goes to investigate and notices some extra small pipes that are generating an excess of heat. Behind the pipes, hidden, is a knob. The pipes seem to contain trace amounts of ethanol which Alex thinks may be the engineers making moonshine, but he traces back the pipes and crawls through some of the pipework to find a homemade still connected to one of the heat exchanges for the station. While passing through the ductwork for the collider he notices that the ductwork doesn’t look standard.

Corbin gets the schematics for that area from the Chief Engineer and the two do not match up at all. Corbin gets the full list of all engineers that have worked for the station regarding the antimatter and the heat exchange system. We decide we have everything we need and make our goodbyes. We head back into the ship and follow the shield ship out when there is a sudden explosion that blows one of the engines. Corbin keeps the ship away from the blast and behind the shield. We get a call from the station to check on our condition and we say we are headed back into the station for repairs. Corbin calls the shield ship to check their condition and sends Alex over to help with repairs and to find out what happened. Meanwhile we head back to the station so Corbin can go over the information, Pierce can question Dr. Tran and Dr. Kristine goes to the shield ship to help any injured. While Pierce is questioning the engineer the background noise stops and the engineer says he would like to enjoy still breathing. They try to head to engineering but the door doesn’t open… Then the sound returns and the engineer says, “Uh-oh”…

The List of Destinations Begins

Kristine and friends run onto her parents. A family fracas ensues but is headed off when Kristine says she wants to have some time with mom before she decides to do anything. We headed back to the ship after plans have been made for Kristine and her mom to meet up for dinner later that evening.

Pierce wakes up from his self-induced mini coma and Kristine takes him along to dinner to meet mom and get answers about what is going on. Meanwhile Alex is in Blue sector being followed but he loses the tail. Corbin and Alex head back out to try to see if Alex can pick up that tail again and Corbin can follow the tail.

For dinner they head to the Epicurean, an upscale restaurant in the red sector. Pierce and Mom have some good small talk while Kristine stays out of it. Pierce is all full of charm for mom and Kristine is trying to find out why her parents have come for her. Her mom does not really know why her father is so insistent about it though. Father has been home a lot more lately and seems out of sorts spending all his time in the study. Dinner proceeds well with Pierce getting mom very lubricated and flirty. Questions are asked but it seems like Mitsy doesn’t really know other than he is involved with business more than anything. Pierce quietly assumes that the reason Dad is trying to bring her home is to get her married to a business partner to keep his business afloat. The night progresses much as one would think.

Back with Alex and Corbin, they keep wandering and then someone comes up and tells Corbin that Li Kung is in Orange sector and wants to talk to him as soon as possible. Corbin grabs Alex and heads off to the meeting. The meeting is at a large cargo bay with outside access. When we arrive there are a pair of corp security guys blocking the way but the let us through. Inside is full of cargo and crates and Li Kung. His face is bruised up and he says he hates to drag us into this but feels he must. His organization has been compromised and he shows us what the problem is. He takes us to a cargo container full of antimatter containment vessels. He says there is probably a kilo of antimatter on the station. This has some connection to the cult which was talking about pushing people through to Dspace whether they want to go or not. There is a trinary system nearby that is the closest manufacturer of antimatter in the system. He is asking if we have the time to find out what is going on on the other end of the chain here. Li Kung says thank you and he will have to repay the favor someday.

Pierce, Kristine and Mom are having there walk through the park and Pierce is putting the moves on mom and she is responding leaving Kristine as a third wheel. Pierce says he’ll walk mom home and Kristine leaves letting him know that if dad finds out she will not defend him. Pierce takes Mom to the hotel and does his thing in the laundry room. Kristine heads out to a bar and sends Corbin and Alex where she is going so they can pick her up later. Corbin goes to pick Kristine up after an hour and a half and she is very drunk but not a problem.

The next day dawns and Li Kung’s message has arrived with the info for the trinary system and the antimatter processing facility. Kristine gets a message from dad complaining about mother’s state of drunkenness last night and wondering if she is ready to return home. Kristine asks dad why he is so set about her returning home. He says mom misses her but she thinks there is more to it and continues to ask why. She asks why mom doesn’t get out and about and he says she is safer that way. He says that she is a young lady and it was time she settled down. He has arranged a marriage to young Thomas from the yacht club when he spoke to his father the other day. She refuses and he demands. He says that things haven’t been going so well with business. He needs her to marry Thomas so that he can get the business back on its feet. She says that at this rate she can take better care of mother on the ship than he can and that if this is a family obligation than why haven’t they invited her to other family functions. He is desperate. Corbin interrupts and hands Dad the number to Li Kung as a business investor. Dad decides it is a better idea and leaves her alone.

Corbin tells the crew whats going on for the mission and then calls Mike to let him know but Mike says he has gone over the info from the previous mission and finds it troubling. He asks us to meet a specialist on D-space, a Doctor Rosenthaul. Alex seems to know this person and is not on the best of terms. Mike says go and sort it out, from his observations the info seems to say that you could stay in D-space indefinitely. D-space is just a layer to the universe with more underneath but no one we know of has ever gone through that layer. We tell him about the antimatter and he says it’s a good idea to check It out either before or after D-space. We will most likely have to bring him back with us anyway since he will more than likely want to be included on the mission. So we have a decision to make on what to do first.

The Chase Begins

Pierce catches up with us and we give him a brief rundown of whats been happening. He heads over to the pharmacist to try and talk a location out of him for where to find the cult leader. The pharmacist says that some of the cultists do frequent his establishment so if he hangs out long enough one will probably show up. He talks the drug dealer into taking drugs with him (Pierce palms it and plays it off), and then starts talking about the cult leader. He tells Pierce about the place we already hit but doesn’t seem to have any other info other than to maybe check out orange sector. Alex meanwhile goes about robbing the man for his pharmaceuticals. Kristine drugs him and puts him to sleep till he can metabolize it off. Alex hands Kristine the pharmaceuticals and we move on.

Corbin looks up Orange sector which is next to residential area but Pierce says he thinks that maybe the corp security guys on the take but Corbin thinks that maybe they are members of the cult. We decide to go see Li and get his opinion. Corbin calls Li and tells him the situation and then calls Mike to find out the people on the navy side who were security. Mike says that side is a prison and it is very unlikely that they are bringing in anybody that way. So we await Li’s call back to find out what is going on with his people. Mike says that it looks like the same pair of guards at the violet sector end but it looks like they are dead. He shows us security feed of the room and a portal opens, the leader steps out and the guards make motion that they are members, then he kills them both and heads out into the corridors.

We talk to Mike and Li about the things going on and they both start looking at where the guy went to see if we can get a location for him. We head to the storage room that he came out of to enter the security room to see what his path was or where he headed from. Alex spends a great deal of time trying to figure out the layout and see if the leader has the ability to go out of the station itself. Results are possible but inconclusive. We head back to the ship and unload when Pierce starts complaining about a horrible headache. Corbin grabs something out of the pharmacy grab bag and hands it to Pierce who immediately takes it and then starts feeling groovy. The group leads him to his room and leaves him there to sleep it off. We then head to Dojo 7 to sign up for classes.

When we arrive at Dojo 7, the sensei greets us and we sign up for classes. Corbin signs up for freefighting, Kristine signs up for Tsai-Kaom Lynx, and Alex starts to wander around the station looking around. Alex goes around looking to see if he can’t find some sort of lead on the cult while we are talking to the Dojo sensei. Alex feels someone watching him but can’t get a good feel for who it is, so he heads out to Omar’s Arms and Armor. Omar tries to sell him a more versatile gun and succeeds. Kristine starts her first class and does well, knowing some basic fighting. Corbin’s class starts tomorrow so they will return the next day. They head toward the ship and while going through blue sector we both see her parents coming out of a shop and they spot her and head toward us.

A Saddening Experience
The group spends some time in Ahkmed’s buying new armor and weapons. Then we head off to meet with Li Keung in Violet 1. We get escorted in to what appears to be an interrogation room and we wait for about 15 minutes till he arrives. He thanks us for our promptness and tells us that things are escalating with the pirates. He asks for our help with a little problem he is having and asks if we have heard of the Cult of the Void. Kristine says they are these wackos that think D-space is the path towards god with their ultimate goal to be jumping into d-space and never coming out. Unfortunately they are trying to force this belief on everyone now. They appear to have Xenotech which is why Li thought of us. Kristine offers to be bait to try to get their attention and Li tells us that they hang out somewhere in subsector 11 which is why he wanted to meet us here. We take the job and return to the ship to get our gear since Li will get us through security.

As we return to the ship Kristine sees someone she hasn’t seen in ages, her parents, dun dun dun!!!

They are the epitome of upper crust socialites. And they have discovered her whereabouts due to her appearance on spacetube. They have come back to take her home since she has surrounded herself with such low types. They think they can get her position at the hospital reinstated if she comes along with her meager possessions. She says she will think about it while she gets her things and will meet them at the hotel in about an hour. We continue on, get our gear and head through security and to Violet 1 subsector 11.

We meet with Li’s security down at the subsector and they give us a brief briefing about the shanty town economy of the area. We head out and try to track down the Cult of the Void. Right at the entrance there is a small clinic/pharmacy. Corbin walks up and asks the proprietor if he is familiar with the Cult of the Void. The shopkeep says he has heard of them and points Corbin down the hall. Alex gives the man 100 creds to try to grease the wheels and he says they have a shanty with thicker walls but he doesn’t know which one. We head further into the slums and keep looking and asking. Our searching leads us to the square/promenade area where there seems to be more activity. Corbin starts looking for the Cultists which preach and convert and soon finds one. He sends Alex over to talk to the man so we can follow him back to their headquarters. They talk for a bit and Alex tells him that he wants to learn more and the man offers to take him to one of the meetings which is at a hall not too far from here. Alex heads off and we follow a bit behind while the preacher talks on about his religion (which is a lie!). We arrive at the meeting hall which is a larger but still ramshackle structure. Corbin lets Alex enter and tells him they are going to monitor him over the comm and let us know when the prophet and the majority of the congregation arrive and we will come in guns hot. Alex waits for a bit while one of the brothers talks to him while we watch and notice that most of the sheep that the cultists are bringing in are not shanty people but tourists and residential people.

After about an hour of waiting, the “sermon” starts and the lights dim while someone comes in to the podium wearing robes and a black mask and the cultists are all wearing robes now. Corbin walks up and Zap gloves one guard while Jameson gun butts the other and we walk into the “church” and Corbin takes the masked ones legs with the kinetic pistol, Jameson shoots one of the cultists in the chest, Doc shoots one in the torso and one in the arm and Alex starts moving up toward the podium. The tourists begin to scream and run about. Corbin and Jameson step to the sides to clear their line of fire and Corbin shoots one in the groin (Major Dick Shot) whom then collapses, Jameson pops another, Kristine fires away and takes out another one and wounded a second, and Alex sees the cult leader stand and start to draw a weapon and fires at Corbin who barely dodges out of the way. The weapon is obviously alien and fires a blast of black energy and the wall behind him vanishes and reappears much like the blackness we saw on the Kronin ship. Alex runs up to the Prophet and tells him we need to go, we need to get you to safety. Corbin returns fire and destroys some of the podium he was using as cover, Jameson shoots him as well and hits him in the chest but Alex notices that his robe kind of flickers like the gun shot. Kristine takes two shots at the Prophet and hits once in his left leg and sees the robes flicker again. The cultists start to charge the group and the Prophet turns runs at the wall and shoots it and jumps through the hole, Alex follows and tries to jump through the hole but it flickers shut just as he hits it. He feels cold as he touches the space though. Corbin and Jameson jump out and take the side alleys to try and catch up with him while Kristine takes out the rest of the cultists. Neither one of us sees him but suddenly Jameson is cut out of contact. The group rushes to catch up with him.

We arrive to his last known location but all we see is his gun lying on the ground. We pick it up and start looking around to see what happened while Alex uses his psy ability and he feels the cold feeling as before and starts to shake. Corbin pushes him out of the spot and he comes out of it, but he says he felt a cold sensation that had a psychic pull to it that was trying to pull him into it. Jameson is KIA and we are no closer to finding the leader or his alien tech.

A Stunning Success
Alex continues downloading to the computer. Meanwhile Pierce starts talking to Bob and getting his smooth talking on but doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere until she mentions that she has done that sort of thing before. Pierce gets his freak on and due to the connection Alex gets dragged into the “fun”. Meanwhile Corbin calls the ship and asks for volunteers to stay for a time while we go back and report to Mike so that we can get a research team back.

We head back to the facility and pick up everyone, drop off the volunteers and finally head off. We head back toward Gateway Station. Enroute Alex finishes his design of the Sonic Gun, Corbin uploads the Star charts for the Founder Homeworld and nearby worlds and spends the time trying to place where these places are now (homeworld on the other side of the galaxy and the other worlds are halfway between) and it has been roughly a couple hundred thousand years since they created that facility. We receive a communication once we reach station for captains eyes only. Corbin goes to his room and takes the call. It is Mike who seems to have seen the word about our indiscretions but Corbin tells him what we discovered. He got positively excited and started making plans. We drop the equipment at the normal spot and sends the data to Mike direct. He is impressed and gives us a substantial bonus.

As we dock Corbin gets another call from Li Kung. He asks Corbin to meet him in the out sectors with the team to discuss some things and possibly render him some assistance. We agree to meet him later that day. We head out and stop at Ahkbar’s place on the way. We notice that security is tighter now on the ship when we get held up a bit at a checkpoint. The security is Corporate owned as is the station and we ask why the sudden increase in security, criminal violence increase is the answer, pirates versus the mob basically. Alex asks about knives and gets laughed at, but he buys a vibroblade. We ask about guns and mention we have 5 heavy pistols, 3 smgs and 1 tazer for sale as well. We also ask about tactical armor as well.

The Structure's Interior

Corbin ties knots in the rope and we lower ourselves down to the next level. The walkway is lit much like the rest of the structure and when we land the area lights up like the top level. Four more doors await us on this level. Corbin asks Bob what is behind these doors, and also notices that Bob has grown in size, and he responds as before with writing the words apartments by each door. He asks Bob a few other questions and then the group each takes a corridor to get this done faster.


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